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Welcome to Kivi Media – the world’s largest network of media outlets for florists, experts, and coaches in different niches, kids entertainers, balloon artists, and other event professionals. We produce free educational podcasts and create premium, life-changing, laser-focused schools

Our clients are the heart and soul of our business. We believe that they have a profound impact on people’s lives. Our mission is to help them reap the rewards of their dedication and passion by supporting them every step of the way to ensure they always shine bright. We are UNICORNS for our customers, committed to overdelivering on experience and service.

Partner with us and achieve your business goals with our unparalleled support and powerhouse coaching and resources.

Helping you provide value is our secret sauce

We listen. We research. We care. And that provides you with systems and resources that simply put – WORK. Our goal is to provide you with free resources that can help you create careers, and with paid resources that will yield at least a 1 to 10 ratio on return of investment.

Helping you become the best version of yourself as a Kids Entertainer

The Kids Entertainer Academy was added to our portfolio in Sep 2018. KEA was founded by Julian Mather and Ken Kelly in 2015. Zivi Kivi joined the team as an instructor in 2016, and as a partner in May 2018.


Making the road clear in your journey to become a Balloon Boss

Balloon Artist Podcast was launched in Feb 16. Its school component – Balloon Artist College, was founded in Sep 17.


How much is it?

KEA monthly rate is $29.99, and includes all courses within the portal. BAC runs for $50 and includes only the under $100 courses, plus webinars and challenges. GMA pricing is undetermined yet.

How much money are you making?

Kivi Media is a privately owned company (we operate in the UK as an LTD company and in Israel as a Licensed Business). So we don’t have to share the numbers. But we prefer to share as we see our customers as our board of directors. We make approximately 80K USD a year from each school that has reached maturity.

Who are you Zivi Kivi

My name is Ziv Raviv. Zivi Kivi is my stage name. I am married and have three kids. I like escape rooms, board games, movies and books.

How can I make money from Kivi Media

You can join as an affiliate and help us spread the word. Email me to: for more details.

Helping you thrive and succeed in your floral business

The Floral Shop Podcast was launched on Mar 2024. Each episode features expert interviews, creative design ideas, and strategies to boost business success.



Want to contribute as a Content Partner?

Get paid WELL through teaching

Kivi Media is always looking for talented people to share their skills through webinars and online courses. Contact Zivi if you feel this might be YOU.

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