The KM Challenge

Designed to get you RUTHLESS Results


FINALLY - Write Your Business Plan in 2 weeks in April


Accountabilty - Join a 10-week journey to fulfill your goals


Tailored for you - a flexible empowering "Operating System"


Unlimited support - through one on one meetings with Zivi Kivi


Overcome ALL bottlenecks - with the support of Zivi's team


Details Matter - a total of 12 weeks as of April 2024

The next KM Challenge starts on the 2nd of APRIL 2024. Sign up for the qualification phase prior to 22nd of MARCH 2024 to secure your place.


Powered by MABC

Get access to 50 hours of videos taken directly from Zivi’s Modern Automated Business Course

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In the last two years Zivi has been working with over 65 Kids Entertainers and Balloon Artists from all over the world. Privately helping them build their marketing assets, helping them craft strategies that help you sleep better at night. And through the work those people got huge results (see testimonials below).

The work was done in small groups through MABC – the Modern Automated Business Course. It’s more like a program, though, as it includes private coaching with Zivi and access to his team.

Zivi created the KM Challenge to be a personalized experience for every participant of this program.

When you join the KM Challenge, you are getting access to all the MABC videos, so that if you need to learn anything about SEO, Adwords, Facebook, Champions Marketing, Website Marketing tools, Business Automation or sales, that information is readily available.

Accountability on Steroids

Surround yourself with the best, most motivated of your peers, and be accountable from the get-go

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When you create an environment that makes you feel accountable, you simply get more stuff done. And the KM Challenge is a program that stacks up accountability on top of accountability.

It starts with the people that joined the program. You will be joining with the best, the brightest, and the highest achievers. This way, when you tell them you are going to do something by next week, you WILL.

And then there is Zivi. He doesn’t let you rest. He doesn’t rest either – why would he?

There are never excuses to find in this program. Got some skill that you need training in? Zivi has already made this available in the MABC videos that you get access to. Need some graphic design or a developer to get you to overcome some bottleneck? Zivi made that possible too. Once your environment is that productive, you will no longer have any excuses to slow down.

Finally, the price: it’s affordable, but not fun or easy for most, creating another point of leverage within you to push you through the resistance.


Ruthless Results ONLY are welcome

We don’t call this the KM Challenge for no reason. It’s going to get challenging as of day one

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You will be challenged not just on growing your business and fulfilling that HUGE and important goal that you have been wanting to achieve for a long time.

You will also be challenged on working on the other Key Areas of your life: your body, relationships, the way you define yourself, and your gift to the world.

This is all about getting you through a transformation that is life changing. In retrospect, you will probably say that the program was actually under-priced and that this new Operating System that you got is going to affect you not just for 10 weeks, but for 10 years. Your trajectory will change, forever.

Karen's Testimonial about KMC
Karen's Testimonial about KMC
Karen's Testimonial about KMC
Karen's Testimonial about KMC
Karen's Testimonial about KMC
Karen's Testimonial about KMC
Karen's Testimonial about KMC

👇Halley does balloon deocr in Charlotte NC and got these results👇

Julie Cylla is on her way to grow a 6 figures Balloon Decor Business

Thank you so much!
So glad I don’t have to let you go. 

You have affected so many more lives than you realise. The speeches I gave were to children from around the world and were 100% inspired by you. You are so much more than I ever envisioned. What a lucky human I am to have found you. 


The last weeks, scratch that — months, have been super intense with all this writing and work — and I am SO SO excited about what I am creating with your help!!!

Irene Fhere

“Hi Ziv! I’m so glad you and Wayne are working together again! I’m working on building a mental health program staffed entirely by peers (people with lived experience with mental health challenges like myself) and for peers who are at risk of going into a mental health crisis. It isn’t the first non-profit program that I’ve built but it has been the most challenging. We don’t take mental health care services seriously in America, and there is still a lot of stigma around depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. We’re a goal oriented program that focuses on non-clinical support and I wanted to reach out and tell you that I shared a story with them – that once upon a time I invested in an intensive business coaching course with you! I shared that I had a hard time breaking down my goals into manageable pieces but you introduced the doors and keys concept to me. I shared that it has helped me not just in business but in life. Because of the doors and keys I have made a lot of progress on my own mental and physical wellness. They loved the idea of doors and keys! My participants have started looking at their own mental health goals in a completely different way. I want to thank you for introducing me to that tool. It is making a huge difference in my life as well as the lives of others who are working towards mental wellness.”
– Kali Ann Moulton

Benji Wiebe wanted to improve all of his three shows and charge more. HE DID IT!

“Before entering the KMChalenge, I found my life quite challenging already. But Ifiguered a coach can not only help me to get more bookings ore more work, I didn’t need more work. I needed a clearer picture, of whom I ‘m working for, my family, my own purpose. And in the km challenge Zivi helped me to get that clearer picture. To know what to do myself, what to delegate or even outsource. To work on the quality and not the quantity of my shows. Now I don’t do more shows, but I do charge more money and feel god about it. And I also worked on other areas of my life within the challenge, I improved the relationship with my wife and my kids, we did some projects together, I wrote some stories that eventualy will become a book and I even learned to play an instrument within the 10 weeks. What I liked most apart from working with Zivi was our litte group of wizards, that met every week.We’re not on our own but others face similar issues and we can help each other, and celebrate results together. Ruthless results as Zivi calls them. Thanks a lot ! ” – Benji Wiebe

Matt Otis – made 2400 USD in three weeks.

Kyle Groves made $20k in 5 weeks within the KM Challenge

“Implementing the steps Zivi has shown me in the KM Challenge, I have been able to increase my income over $20,000 US in the first 5 weeks alone. The process has given me the courage and drive to go after new clients that I would have waited on to call me. By making a few phone calls and some direct mail pieces my business is growing at a pace I could have only dreamed of before the challenge“

I joined to KM Challange to get a business plan and was not disappointed. I learnt a method that includes focused growth in all life aspects. Met new friends who are a great support. It’s hard, but easier than continuing life by chasing your tail being “busy”.

I tried a few coaching programs over the past yr. They gave general advice. Starting with the importance of mindset change but then told me to get a mentor for details. Zivi is a coach and mentor. Your advice will be tailored for you and he is direct and helpful with whatever you need.

Take the Challange. It will change you for the better.


Asi Cohen: its a game changer 

“Waking up in the morning to a new day of doing and moving forword is what my new reality looks like.
A path, a way, a method of opening doors in my life has been thought and shared with me by Zivi at his amazing KM challenge.
I own a business of my own for more then 12 years and now I got so many tools that I was lacking all those years.
Through the process of the KM challenge I am now more focused and things are so much more clear, in business, in my personal life with my wife, kids and most of all with myself!
My body and being, that moving forword becames a new reality.
I learn new stuff every day and evolve more then ever.
so, to those of you, who feel a little stuck, or lost in life right now, business wise and personal wise, I highly recomend to get yourself in the “Zivi Kivi enviorment”  
It’s a game changer and a push, that will get your wheels moving.
you need to trust the process and commit to it first, and once you do that, your hand of cards will look like 4 aces constantly.”

why business education SUCKs

Learning how to do business is something that you know you need to do. This wasn’t something that your teacher at school taught you. She never mentioned the huge number of details involved. Your parents didn’t teach you those skills, either. And you can’t really blame any of them, since none of them had access to the technology we have now. I hate to say it, but Yellow Pages marketing is dead. And learning business in big spooky places like colleges and universities is damn hard, expensive and long. And BORING, too. They force you to learn stuff that you are not interested in.

So you are probably suffering from the following:

Too Many Projects

Everything is shiny and looks pretty doable. But nothing gets done and results are not RUTHLESS for sure

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The Shiny Object Syndrome is a silent killer of 80% of the businesses. You don’t build your skills to the required level by spreading yourself thin. Everything seems hard, even stuff you already know how to do. So, little by little, you grow sadder and become slower. You ask yourself, “How come other people get results and work in bursts of motivation?”

But the RESULTS you deserve are not there yet.

For how long will you continue to contemplate? To be uncertain of which path is the right one?


Your bank account DOESN’T reflect the complement you are getting from your customers and you are frustrated

More Info

It gets even worse. You are not sure why people are arguing with you about your fees. You know that you are giving them a great service and yet it happens so frequently.

And when was the last time you could easily afford some gifts to your loved ones? Or a trip somewhere nice? Or even a better car or better gear for your gigs?

Not having enough cash has started to feel like some sort of a curse sent from above. But it’s actually a curse sent from within and you start to suspect you don’t know how to get rid of that curse. 


Not ready YET

You keep telling yourself you are not ready for something. Once you get your site done, your promotional video done…

More Info

Where should you even start? Your site? Your Facebook page? With a high-dollar developer? Or all by yourself? And why would you need to learn everything and do everything by yourself?

Feeling like “once that one thing is ready” is common. And it seems like a force of nature too. Successful people around you have an amazing site. They have a charming personality online.

If only there was a way to know if you are ready. If only you could feel ready and get moving. But even after you make some progress, you don’t get the Ruthless Results.

INtroducing a solution that is tailored to your life

The KM Challenge was designed to be specific to YOUR needs. Wherever you are in the journey, Zivi and his team will help you, no matter where your weak points are. It’s not about getting you to improve these, unless that is what you want. It’s all about getting clear about WHY you should get the results you want, building up the plan, and then following up on it EVERY SINGLE DAY and week in a proven way. The KM Challenge is based on a system that works because of the environment. A Coach. A Master Mind Group. A clear plan. Suddenly the path to Ruthless Results is way open for you. Just go ahead, proceed, and pick up the prize that you defined for yourself.

at first Flossie was Skeptical

At first I was skeptical… could Zivi make it worthwhile for me to join the KM challenge.

I was worried it might be like all the other things I have put money into in the past and then not followed through and ended up feeling I had wasted it.

I needn’t have worried. Zivi’s system and coaching has been helpful to me on many levels and is something that I will keep on making use of, into the future.

The KM challenge has given me confidence in myself and a process to follow that will continue to yield results for the rest of my life.

Thanks Zivi. I’ve gone from overwhelmed and uncertain to productive, confident and excited about my future in Children’s entertainment and Balloon art

What You Get


A business plan built within 2 weeks in September


10 weeks of weekly group meetings


Unlimited Access to Zivi Kivi (1-on-1)


Access to, and support from Zivi's Team


The Business Training Videos (50 hours)

Jansie Martins talks about her experience in the KM Challenge
SAM talks about what he gained from the KM Challenge

So Why should you trust Zivi?

Proof #1 (out of 3)

Zivi has been running the Modern Automated Business Course for two years now. Over 50 performers and balloon artists have been coached and saw business growth. Here are some of the quotes taken recently from an anonymous survey that Zivi sent to those 50 business owners:

“You are incredibly smart and driven. The knowledge you share is stimulating and relevant. You clearly care about your students.”

“As balloon artists and performers you learn your craft & skill. But when it moves to a business we need training in that too. MABBC provides that aspect very well.”

“The program raises your means of doing business to a new level, and (appropriately) introduces methods and tools necessary for a modern, digitized world”

“Frankly, it is inexpensive for the value, especially when there is one on one coaching. Most people never really figure out the extremely high value of having a skilled coach.”

“It gives you insight into how to market and automate your business and increase value to allow a higher price for performances.”

“Enough there to bring someone from twister to business owner”

“It surprised me what I had managed to take away and implement, even if it has taken me 2 years to do it.”

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with Zivi”

“I had signed up for the KM Challenge and looking forward for it 😉🎈”

Why should you work with Zivi?

Proof #2

Christopher Gamble made $1900 in three weeks

“Since joining the KM Challenge I have seen my improvements in my professional and personal life. In the first five weeks alone I have earned an extra $1900 and already tripled my bookings from last year! DO something you have dreamed of but thought impossible. The KM Challenge will change your life.”

Why should you Trust the process?

Proof #3

In marketing and sales, you always need to provide three pieces of proof to any claim you make. Zivi doesn’t only teach. He also sets up the example (with productivity as well as business). Take a look at these written format testimonials

Why should you work with Zivi?

Proof #4

The most important video to watch is this one, as it is the latest (a few days old) and talks about actual RUTHLESS RESULTS):

What people said after learning Business from Zivi at conventions:

I guess you could call this proof #5… Always over-deliver on your promises and give added value.

For the sake of comic relief

Proof #6

Here is why you SHOULDN’T join any of my business programs:

Proabably the most moving one you can see

Annie Banannie was ready to quit… till she joined the KM Challenge:

Suitable for students of

Lucas Jet made his money back in 2.5 weeks


How does it work and what you get?

To Qualify for the KM Challenge, you need to go through an uncomplicated three-step process:

Step one: you fill out the short form, a request to learn more details, including pricing, payment plan options, etc.

Step two: you set up a 15-minute meeting with Zivi through an easy-to-use booking software program that Zivi uses to schedule ALL of his coaching sessions..

Step three: you approve the payment plan and get immediate access to the videos from MABC. The real work starts in September 2021.

Below is a rundown of the actual bonuses you get that are included in the KM Challenge:


Bonus 1: Over 50 hours of videos from the Modern Automated Business Course

Valued at $1600


Bonus 2: Access to a Facebook Group for all attendees of the KM Challenge

Valued at $2400


Bonus 3: Relationship Building Graphic Package (save time with ready made graphics that Zivi uses in his entertainment business)

Valued at $480


Bonus 4: Access for life for the video recordings of your KM Challenge one on one sessions

Valued at $800


Bonus 5: The Swipe file, WordPress Marketing Tools, CBS e-book, Pizza Calculator Plugin and many other goodies

Valued at $450!

The total of the bonuses is $5730 and you get that included!

The KM Challenge program

by Zivi Kivi

have received the



What Regina Martinez said about the KM CHallenge:


How has the KM challenge impacted me?


Just thought I’d share something I’ve been doing the past 8 weeks (not paid or endorsed to say this, it’s just something I’m truly excited about…). 


Over the years I’ve spent thousands on courses, conventions, workshops, props, gadgets, etc. But a problem keeps popping up over and over: I buy these things with high expectations then NOTHING changes. I expect that I will magically become a better magician, better ventriloquist, better balloon artist…only to discover out a few weeks later I lost interest, it got hard, life got in the way, or it just sat on my shelf collecting dust. Or if I do make progress, it’s very slow. 


But, KM challenge gave me a way to fast track all those goals and get RUTHLESS RESULTS (as Zivi would say!)…I took all those courses and props I’ve invested in and applied a system to approaching my goals. WOW!! I’m so excited about what it’s done for me!


Currently on my way to becoming an Ebook author – for the first time in my life, I’ll have something I can sell in my SLEEP! Zivi gave me so many resources and opened up so many doors I wouldn’t have even thought of on my own. 


I’ve been struggling to reach my goal of becoming a ventriloquist, and seeing slow progress. But with this KM Challenge system, it keeps me accountable an pushes me back towards that goal each time I lose focus. Even better, Zivi helps fast track me to my goal by helping me secure an awesome coach.


Another goal I set was running a 10k in 12 minute miles. I had a few setbacks with ankle pain and traveling. But the KM Challenge helped me keep consistent with course correction and funny thing is, I’m well on my way to running 10 minute miles WITH a jogging stroller.


All this is easier said than done! It hasn’t been easy and it’s been tough to address what’s held me back from getting results. But it works. 


Here’s what I didn’t expect from KM challenge – Zivi’s unique system of getting results has had a halo effect in my life. Something weird started happening. My house has been cleaner than ever these past 8 weeks. I run faster than I’ve ever run (with a jogging stroller!). That means my body feels energized and I can get way more done. My props are organized. My client relationships have improved. I took a chance and raised all my pricing, so my income has bounced up.




Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.

The Business Plan that you will actually use

By joining the KM Challenge you guarantee to yourself, your family and your loved ones that you will have a business plan by middle September, and will execute it within 10 weeks immediately after.


A plan that is easy to understand


That if you fulfill you will be THRILLED with joy


100% customized for YOUR needs and for your life


Including actual goals (and work) on your relationship with your spouse, kids, family or loved ones

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of the KM Challenge (and why is it not mentioned on this page)

This program is under-priced. I am taking up to 6 people on this journey and we get to meet quite a lot (unlimited coaching sessions does that). So, I need people who can trust the process and get on time to the qualification meeting. 

If the price of the program is frightening you – you probably don’t trust me yet. So I will say it again.

This program is under-priced. By much. 

Start listening to your heart. Either you see the huge life changing opportunity, or you don’t.

What if I am too busy to take this program?
We will be able to find out together in the qualification process. Most likely you will be extremely busy once you join this program, so if you are worried about this please know – this program equips you with a compass and a decision filter that helps you focus on the important stuff. When Zivi went through this type of a challenge himself, it was the busiest time of the year for him and his family. Even so, during the challenge Zivi saw his kids more than EVER before.
Does this program come with a Money Back Guarantee or a Guarantee for certain results?

The nature of taking a part in a program like this one is that you MUST be accountable for the results personally. Therefore, there are no money back options whatsoever. You control your destiny. By joining this program, you also control your life trajectory. You challenge yourself, and the program provides the environment for you to grow and expand.

Am I ready for the KM Challenge?
There is only one real way to find out and that is to sign up for the qualification call which will be an amazing and glorious 15 minutes of your life. If you are not sure, you are probably not ready according to your expectations. However, in LIFE, and in BUSINESS you need to follow principles such as “Booking the Ticket” and “YOU GOTTA SHIP IT” and working on your skills will be covered in multiple ways within the program.
What do you mean by unlimited access to Zivi?
There is no cap on the number of meetings you can ask for. Each meeting is 30 minutes long and is focused on a specific target that you want to achieve. Use it once, or every single week within the 10 weeks challenge, according to your preference. You are not paying for the meetings, but for the overall result driven personalized experience.
What is the "Winning 2024 with the KM Challenge" guarantee?

Working with Zivi through the KM Challenge guarantees you will have the best shot at Winning 2022. Prepare to blossom and grow.

Qualify for the KM Challenge before Mid August 2024